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Florida 2023 Summer School Of Truth

  • June 10th to the 16th - Saturday Evening to Friday afternoon

  • Camp Sonlight- (directions)

  • All young people from 7th Grade to 12th Grade

  • $200 / person.

  • Registration deadline May 14

  • Please contact Bro Bill Witman to register Young Person 

Serving Ones
  • Serving ones must fill out this Google Doc (Serving One's Reg Link)

  • All serving ones must ALSO submit and pass a background check by May 14 to serve at the young people’s conference. If you were approved for a background check in 2020, 2021, or 2022 you do not need to apply again. Background Check


Please note: If there is no Social Security number, please enter 111-11-111.

For additional information regarding the background checks, please refer to the attached letter: Details on Background Check.

2023 Florida SSoT Payment
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May the Lord bless our young people as they participate in this conference!

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